MoviyntTM was founded by serial entrepreneurs that have founded very successful companies in the past which are rated as leaders by Gartner. MoviyntTM was founded based on deep understanding of the current mobility challenges being faced by the industry and an innovative way to address these challenges and to bring productivity to the shop floor operations for the blue collar workers.  MoviyntTM solutions have already showed great promise to our customers and significantly increased their productivity while allowing them to be operational even while they are disconnected from the ERP systems.

MoviyntTM has established partnerships with leading hardware providers to ensure that we deliver the most optimal solution to fit the customer needs.

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Microsoft has announced the end of support for the Windows CE operating system by 2020. This will cause most of the current industrial mobility devices to go out of support. Many large enterprises are planning their migration to other platforms like Android and IOS. This presents a unique opportunity for organizations to move away from Character based terminal emulation software solutions to truly powerful solutions that can leverage the extensive device capabilities to bring value to the business processes. MoviyntTM’s enterprise mobility platform is uniquely positioned to help companies to leverage these device features and seamlessly integrate into enterprise processes. These include GPS, Barcode printing using blue tooth, RFID and Camera Integration.

MoviyntTM’s platform is OS agnostic and runs on Windows 10, Android and IOS platforms. Our platform is device agnostic and can run on any device. On  the ERP side, MoviyntTM’s technology supports integration with all major ERP providers, even though our  focus remains on providing SAP related Solutions.

MoviyntTM’s Mobilium platform creates applications that are natively offline in addition to providing extremely fast Integration with ERP systems based on Industry standards. Our integration methodology reduces the server requirements apart from supporting offline capabilities. MoviyntTM platform supports rendering of images on the device and taking images from the device and synchronizing the images with SAP. Mobilium platform also includes significant IOT capabilities integrating devices using Blue tooth, NFC and peer-to-peer connectivity.

MoviyntTM’s applications are currently being evaluated for use in the Aerospace, Chemical, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas sectors. Main areas of value creation are relate to offline processing, high velocity shop floor operations and special fields like the quality management and field ticketing domains.