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MoviyntTM is a platform that enables the speedy deployment and improvement of mobile solutions throughout the enterprise. It allows users to:

Deploy SAP-integrated mobile solutions in weeks, not months.

Enable online, offline, and hybrid mobile operations to eliminate downtime and increase productivity.

Seamlessly integrate with SAP without any middleware, eliminating additional hardware cost.

Enrich enterprise systems with native features of mobile devices to increase the speed of Digital Transformation.

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Mobile Warehouse Management Application

Moviynt’s EWM/WM application brings preconfigured workflows with offline support to cover all the standard warehouse functions, including barcode printing, carrier shipping, GPS tracking, RFID integration, all while simplifying processes. Moviynt low-code studio makes workflow changes easy and fast, enabling quick implementation timelines.

Mobile Quality Management

Moviynt’s Quality Management application covers inbound inspections on Goods receipts and QM activity for Manufacturing. Using Moviynt’s QM application, users can review the specification sheets, record measurements, transfer measurements through IOT interfaces, take images, and create notifications.

Mobile Asset Management

Moviynt’s Asset Management application covers the service notification life cycle, preventative and unplanned maintenance, life cycle processing, measurement recording, consumption of time, and component consumption. Integrated natively with GPS capabilities, the system provides a global view of work status at various locations.

Proof of Delivery

Moviynt’s proof of delivery application supports the delivery life cycle. We bring offline capability and image and signature capture on glass together to provide comprehensive support for the proof of delivery process.



Mobility is quickly becoming an integral part of warehouse automation. Staying connected is not always feasible considering the growing size of warehouses and more and more use of third party logistics. The workforce is relying increasingly on mobile devices to perform day to day activities. Moviynt provides a solution that allows your workforce to perform tasks even if they get disconnected from the ERP. This provides a huge productivity boost!


Enterprises are becoming agile and nimble in their operations. ERP practices are becoming leaner, resulting in increased order processing and reduced order size. Moviynt supports high velocity operations with sub-second response times.


Smart devices have become extremely powerful with various data intake functions, e.g. camera, sound, Bluetooth. Businesses are looking to integrate smart devices into their ERP applications to increase productivity, accuracy, auditability and collaboration. Moviynt applications bring these functions on board and work seamlessly across the enterprise in a device agnostic manner.


The Mobilium platform bridges the gap between mobile devices and ERP systems and provides a studio to empower the rapid development of new workflows, which eliminate inefficiencies and capture data from business processes at all levels of the organization, thereby enabling users to realize their vision of digital transformation.


Mobilium Edge is our mobile workforce application for smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets, kiosks, and laptops, and is extended by IOT devices. We combine intelligence at the Edge, with automatic data collection using Barcode, RFID, Bluetooth, NFC, IOT for optimal process performance.


Mobilium Gateway is a multi-ERP, SAP premium certified plugin, which allows the customer to publish APIs, and wire them to their existing standard or customized SAP functions. It also provides a workbench to manage work distribution, monitor progress, and track exception handling.


Mobilium Studio a low-code platform to manage application life cycle. It allows business users to innovate at low cost and with incredible speed. This enables the enterprise to make continuous improvement and migrate to state of the art solutions, improving data quality and productivity. The end-user benefits from up-to-date business processes and modern user experience.


We Are NMSDC Certified


“Best thing that ever happened to this warehouse.”
Warehouse Handler, Aerospace
“We were amazed by all the capabilities it had to offer on the device and specifically with integration to SAP”
Digital Officer, Oil & Gas
“Potential to the new system is limitless, THE POV shows this, a safer process than what we have now.”
Warehouse Supervisor, Aerospace